Thank You

Thank you for applying to Diamond Forest Properties.

To start processing your application we will need you to send us a copy of your drivers license or state identification card to We will also need to see your proof of income (for example about 2 month’s worth of current pay stubs or monthly benefit amount). If you have a pet please also send a picture of them. These can either be scanned into your computer or you can take a photo with your phone and email them to us. They can also be faxed to: 248-793-3564.

We will begin reviewing your application once we have received the documents listed above.

Providing falsified documents is a felony which will be reported and prosecuted. 
Michigan Legislature- Section 750.249 Forgery of records and other instruments; uttering and publishing; exception.
 (1) A person who utters and publishes as true a false, forged, altered, or counterfeit record, instrument, or other writing listed in section 248 knowing it to be false, altered, forged, or counterfeit with intent to injure or defraud is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 14 years.

Diamond Forest Properties